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Letter to editor: The federal government has failed us


Our federal government has failed us. The most important job is to protect and secure our citizens from outside threats. The deep state has allowed an invasion of a magnitude disproportionate to our needs and financial resources. Which means you pay, you suffer. 

Nobody within the swamp will ever feel any misery or discomfort. Both the political establishment and bureaucrats lack a conscious or sense of patriotic duty to defend the constitution. They just voted and passed legislation before election giving themselves pay increases. 

Call and demand elected representatives freeze wages and hiring. Plus, start downsizing and put the swamp of DC back with Virginia and Maryland. All elected representatives should be paid by their states they represent instead of the treasury. 

Probably their staff primarily should also be responsible to the state. 

There shouldn’t be one bureaucrat permanently assigned to the deep state as they become part of the problem instead of part of the solution. 

It turns into a situation where it’s about who you know not what you know, an elitist instead of a servant  which puts you above the citizens. 

Ed Edwards


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