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Letter to the editor: Democrats ignoring oaths of office
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By supporting the illegals, which number about 22 million in the USA, the Democrats have ignored the laws which they have sworn an oath to uphold.

Even worse, they are making the law abiding citizen pay to give them a free ride in our country.

Taxpayers pay the costs of the $116 billion through their federal, state and county. Some illegals pay taxes adding up to about $19 billion, but they impose on American $135 billion, creating a net deficit of $116 billion.

Why do some of our politicians impose the burden on the hard working taxpayers, those who honor our Constitution, of supporting the illegals who take away jobs, bring in drugs, who depress salaries, overburden our schools, who don’t learn our language, fill the hospital’s emergency rooms, courts, jails, enjoy our welfare programs, send money earned to their homeland, overcrowd houses to create a plighted area, take in refundable tax credits, who are illegal and don’t adjust to the American traditions.

Those who line the streets in California are our citizens, many being veterans and the politicians ignore them and focus on illegals. So goes the rule of law.

The political leader of this mess is no other than Chuckie Schumer, who along with the Democrats, hates President Trump. Politicians are elected to help guide our country and protect us. Unfortunately, Schumer does not have the character to rise above his hatred and to work with the Republicans to care for America. Schumer, Obama and Clinton have shown their bias and hatred by supporting a wall years ago, but will not help Trump to build the wall that he, Trump, promised his supporters.

Along with Schumer’s and the other Democrat’s encouraging the illegals coming to our country, they have to accept blame for the, now two, children’s death, along with the families of these children, who should know better than to drag their children across country!

It is time for the Federal Government to end the financial incentives that attract illegals to the United States plus the bill that says if you are born in the United States, you are an American citizen.

The latter was written to erase the 3/5 Comprise reached among state delegates during the 1787 U. S. Constitutional Convention. Whether, and if so, how slaves would be counted when determining a state’s total population for legislative representation and taxin gpurposes.

Liz Bartlett

 Richmond Hill

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