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Letter to the editor: Democracy winning in Bryan
Letter to the Editor generic


 Georgia certified the state election results today, following a state-wide manual recount. The recount was successful thanks to people like Cindy Reynolds, the supervisor of the Bryan County Board of Elections, and her staff, Marilyn Fronte, deputy registrar and Keshia Gusman, assistant election supervisor. 

Ms. Reynolds and her staff acted quickly and efficiently to ready the work for the physical recount. I was an unofficial observer for the first hour of the recount. I wanted to see how the process would work, and felt confident after my observation that there was, indeed, a plan and that it was being executed.

 There was a monitor from each of the two major parties as well as a member of the vote review panel from each party. The whole recount was completed in about six and a half hours – although three days were set aside for this - and of approximately 27,000 votes cast, the only change was that one vote was added to the final total. A remarkable result and a testament to the accuracy of the voting process and the work that Ms. Reynolds and her staff did.

I spoke with one of the monitors and one of the vote review board panelists after the recount was completed, Both said that they observed no abnormal behaviors and the whole day went smoothly. 

I would like to commend our own Board of Elections for this quick and thorough response to organizing and staging the recount. In a world where false accusations are being thrown around about the integrity of the election, it is reassuring to know that the people and processes involved with voting are sound in Bryan County, and democracy is wining here.


Sandra Workman

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