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Letter to the editor: DeBry: Group will continue its fight
Letter to the Editor generic

Dear Editor:

The Bryan County School Superintendent, Dr. Paul Brooksher, sent a letter to all BCS system employees regarding the events of the last several months, as well as made a statement to the Bryan County News. There are many inaccuracies in his letter, and this statement is meant to clarify the false impression he is trying to create.

He is trying to defame me specifically, as well as malign the work of people who love Bryan County, its schools, and its teachers.

I value my personal integrity too much, and the reputation of others, to resort to false allegations. I would never make unsubstantiated claims, and I have evidence for every question that I have raised to the school board. Secondly, this ongoing disagreement is not about me. The superintendent has tried to frame the narrative that way, but this has never been about me as a person. I am merely fighting for the rights of all concerned residents of Bryan County, so that they have fair and equal access in an open forum to express their concerns regarding the school system, as is their right. I am also fighting for a quality education for my grandson as he continues through the system, and for every child in our schools.

Concerned Bryan County residents have joined Truth in Education to gain support for their concerns, and we will continue to hold our elected officials and their hirelings accountable. We have heard from far too many teachers about their own concerns.

They are afraid to speak out, for fear of losing their jobs and livelihood. We have spoken to parents who have exhausted the chain of command and gotten nowhere.

To whom shall they go if not the school board? Yet the school board is not interested in hearing publicly the concerns of parents if it might reflect negatively on the system. Parents, too, are afraid to speak up, fearing repercussions to their children. Those of us in Truth in Education hear their stories regularly.

As a group, we are asking questions about school issues we learn about. Why won’t the administration and board answer them? Why do they continue to lie? Why have they just moved all their work meetings to the Pembroke area where the population is small and there is less chance of people coming to the meeting? Why do they seem to want to keep parents isolated and in the dark? Why do they not want parent involvement? And the most interesting question—why are they so defensive? If I’m just a noisy troublemaker with no truth behind my questions, why go to such lengths to defame me and our group?

Bryan County Schools has some exceptional teachers whom we appreciate and admire. It is the administration and board that is demonstrating suspicious and tyrannical behavior. We will continue to fight to have the rights of the residents of Bryan County respected by their duly elected officials.

Lastly, if you are a parent, a grandparent, a concerned citizen, a staff member or teacher, please reach out to find out more. All are welcome to bring concerns to us and we will do our best to help you find answers. Please contact for more information. More importantly, be an advocate for your child or your students. If something doesn’t seem right, question the person in charge. We all have an ongoing responsibility to give our children the best education possible. To that end, as a community, let’s hold this administration and school board accountable.

Sincerely, Betsy DeBry, Co-Director, Truth in Education Bryan County

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