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Letter to the editor: County commission chair endorses Trump
Letter to the Editor generic


As the political season swings into full gear, there’s are a lot of back-and- forth on who said this or that. Trying to weed through all of this and find facts is sometimes very hard, no matter which side of the aisle you are on. I want to take this opportunity to give you some facts about Donald Trump and why I am supporting him for re-election. 

The following are facts on what he has done for the State of Georgia on Coronavirus, the economy, tax cuts, trade and jobs. First, in his response to coronavirus, President Trump has fought to give state and local governments like Georgia the resources to help fight this virus. Some examples of this are:

• More than 5 million Georgians have received economic impact payments totaling over $8.3 billion in relief.

• The CARES Act is providing up to $4.1 billion worth of aid to the State of Georgia to fight the Coronavirus outbreak.

• More than $792 million in relief has gone to 3,888 health care providers in the state FEMA as also provided $95.5 million in federal support to the State of Georgia.

On the economy, President Trump’s pro-growth policies, tax cuts and deregulation helped build a stronger economy for Georgia workers and businesses, and I believe he can do it again.

• Georgia added 294,700 jobs over the last 3 months, and unemployment dropped from 12.6% to 7.6%.

• The above figure includes 11,600 manufacturing jobs. During the first 3 years of the Trump administration, Georgia’s economy grew at a faster rate than under the previous administration. Lower-income Georgians are also seeing the benefits of the Trump economy.

• Since President Trump took office, more than 134,370 Georgians have been lifted out of poverty. Due to Trump’s tax cuts, the average Georgian saw a tax cut of $1,262.

Let’s look at what President Trump’s trade deals have done for Georgia. Did you know that:

• Georgia now exports more than $10.2 billion worth of goods to Canada and Mexico each year.

• Trade with Canada and Mexico supports more than 387,400 jobs in the state, including 22,500 manufacturing jobs.

• The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA ) will increase export opportunities for Georgia businesses, benefitting the state economy and workers. This is why business organizations like the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, the Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and the Georgia Association of Manufactures endorsed the USMCA. With what President Trump has done for Georgia in his first term, I encourage you to join me and support our president for a second term. By doing so, I think Georgia and the rest of America will continue to prosper and grow. Sincerely,

Carter Infinger, Bryan County Commission Chairman

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