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Letter to the Editor: Concern over railroad crossing
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I am concerned, or should I ask the question, am I the only one concerned?

The city of Richmond Hill, Bryan County and the state are putting a lot of money into four laning Highway 144. It appears it is going to be a very nice road to travel.

My concern is the double railroad crossing near City Hall. CSX has done a terrific job of keeping it up, but someone has dropped the ball on paving the approach and exit from the crossing.

One political leader some time ago laughingly called the crossing, “Richmond Hill speed bump.” Our highway engineers seem to have a hard time getting the asphalt level when approaching and departing the railroad tracks. DOT should fire whomever let the paving companies get away with such poor workmanship. This is one of the worst crossings in the state. One could get whiplash when crossing at 20 mph.

I was hopeful that the crossing was going to be smoothed out at its last paving, but it didn’t happen. It seems our leaders want to keep it in its present condition. I wonder if they will pay for realignments or new shocks for my car.

Now we have a new bump in the road down at Keller, on the little bridge just after the intersection. Shame on you DOT if you let the paving company get away with this one. Someone could end up injured by losing control of the vehicle.

Is anyone else concerned about the poor workmanship? Or is it just me?

Roy Keen Richmond Hill

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