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Letter to the editor: The case for rent control

Dear Editor:

While it sounds good to control the cost of housing on the surface--because there is a gap in income for people living within a community--it won’t be done efficiently with government involvement.

 There’s no such thing as government efficiency. Government wants to grow like cancer and expand. If it were to possibly get entwined with the private sector, its only purpose would be to demand more for less. There are alternatives available but it doesn’t involve government. And it should remain so. Private charities and even private citizens can provide low income housing at a decent rate with minimal government involvement mostly by supporting high standards and discipline among tenants and backing them. But never trust government. You give government a dollar and it’ll spend $.90 cents expanding, bragging and making sure it remains relevant. The $.10 cents left will probably be used to make a showing that’ll require more money and decades to actually accomplish a project. We don’t need government trying to fix social issues and involved in private sector issues but government can help by staying out of the way.

Ed Edwards, Ellabell Georgia

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