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Letter to the editor: Is Buddy Carter AWOL for veterans?


I just saw a WSAV piece on veteran suicides with Rep. Buddy Carter.

With the 1st District being one of the most veteran-populated congressional districts in Georgia, why hasn’t Rep. Carter been banging on desks, raising cane on the floor of the House, been in front of cameras on a weekly basis, and/or generally being a pain in the butt to the chair of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, chair of the House Veterans Affairs Committee, and VA itself?

Is Buddy just becoming aware of this travesty? NOT. He posted a video of himself doing 22 push-ups to raise awareness of veteran suicides three years ago.

Or was his posting on Facebook actually a feint to make it appear he might really care about disabled Veteran’s well-being.

Since you posted this Facebook piece how many pushups have you done Buddy, should be somewhere close to 20,000?

Or was this just a spur of the moment sound bite then forget it.

Is Buddy AWOL for the Veterans who could use a bit of help? Again?

Oh yeah. Where in the heck in Johnny, “90 second” Isakson the Chair of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee? Just another example of Clint Eastwood’s ‘empty chair’.

Bruce A. McCartney, Midway SFC,USA(ret-Ch 61) RVN 7/68 – 7/72 DUSTOFF Medic Combat Medic

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