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Letter to the editor: Americans need to wake up on China


As the present regime fumbles with military leadership and destroys the morale of our warriors by going woke and pushing for equity, our enemies go another direction. China has lions leading the military. America has sheep leading its military. China has cheap expendable slave labor. China thrives on fossil fuels and coal.

 America is being forced into using technology that is expensive and unreliable, and the elements needed for production come from China. America has expensive union labor. China makes a majority of the goods we need and want. America provides expensive research and development and what China doesn’t get they steal or buy from corrupted employees. China is acquiring vast wealth for their communist Oligarchy to exploit and use to expand their military capabilities.

America is spending our wealth on the socialist agenda that has proven to be a failure and instead of focusing on our strengths and interests is aiding and abetting the European Union in its pursuit of failure.

China is building infrastructure to our south and already acquiring military bases in areas of South America with ties with Cuba and drilling rights in Gulf of Mexico.

China is heavily involved with drug cartels in Mexico tied to human smuggling and trafficking. America has opened our borders to all foreign nationals that have committed crime’s of all types, some have diseases our citizens have never been exposed to.

America is being invaded by illegals that will push us closer to financial ruin and bankruptcy desired by China and sadly nations that should be allies but resent our success, independence and self reliance. America is on its own as always. It’s time to wake our youth from their Utopian dreams and teach facts and reality to prepare for a future of hard work based on dedication, determination and self reliance.

Ed Edwards, Ellabell

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