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Letter didn't have facts straight
Letter to editor
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Dear editor: First of all, Mrs. Sheila Galbreath is supporting my opponent in the Richmond Hill City Council election, and I am disappointed over this very obvious example of dirty politics. Unfortunately, some of the underhanded tactics were tried against me in the last election.
Secondly, I am not exactly sure what Mrs. Galbreath is saying in her letter. Her dates, numbers and statements do not match the facts. Anyone that is interested may get a copy of the grant application, and they will see Mrs. Galbreath has misstated the information. Had this grant application been approved, an appraisal would have been completed and there would have been a time for the public to comment. This is the process as required by state law.
I will say this regarding the city of Richmond Hill and grants: We as a city apply for numerous grants, including those to fund land purchases. Some of the land in J.F. Gregory Park was purchased, some was donated, and any affordable chance to expand and improve our parks should be considered.
Mrs. Galbreath, this is my bottom line:
1. On the City Council, I recused myself from any vote regarding this grant application. This is just basic honesty and transparency. You failed to mention that in your letter.
2. There was an opportunity to protect land in a very sensitive environment and to better manage development in wetlands near the Ogeechee River. I believe these are worthy intentions.
3. The grant application was only the first of many steps in buying the land. Had the city received the money, by law the city would have given citizens ample review and input in the process of improving J.F. Gregory Park.
4. Be careful where you get your information and make sure it is the truth before you put it in writing.

Jimmy Hires
Richmond Hill City Council

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