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Let me introduce you by Georgene Brazer: Some words on Buck Holly
Georgene Brazer
Georgene Brazer

Editor’s note: Georgene Brazer’s columns often feature members of the Richmond Hill community and their local contributions. Brazer’s writings solely express her opinion(s) and not necessarily those of the Bryan County News or its editorial staff.

Determination, hard work, resilience, teamwork…these words describe how I see Buck Holly. Simply put, he is a man who succeeds in what he undertakes because he thinks he can. His good friend, City Councilman Robbie Ward told me, “He’s an outstanding father of three, successful businessman, and strong advocate for small businesses and blue-collar workers”.

This is a man who leads by example, tirelessly dedicated to both his family and community. He is actively involved in volunteer work including the Chamber of Commerce board where he worked with Bill Cunningham (whom I wrote about in April of 2021). Bill is the Vice President of Real Estate for Raydient Places and Properties. He is dedicated to the challenge of positive change for Richmond Hill and a visionary like Buck Holly. They became friends, tirelessly looking for the opportunity to help other small businesses to move and grow here.

I remember a conversation I had with our Chief of Police, Mitch Shores, that further exemplifies Buck’s participation in our town and his concern for all. It was Christmas time when he approached the chief and told him he was thinking about all those on duty and how hard it must be on them being without their families on such a special day. ‘I’ll bring Christmas to them.” Buck arrived on Christmas Day with a massive grill hooked to his equally massive truck to feed both shifts to make it a special day for them, a thank you, a remembrance. And, the officers said it was amazing, every kind of barbeque and more! A man who remembers others, who cares.

Angus McLeod, I tell him he’s been here “forever,” our Richmond Hill “historian” and weaver of stories. He told me of the generosity of Buck to organizations that benefit our city such as Arts on the Coast. “He’s an interesting character, a man who makes a genuine and hard effort to fit in, to help. He loves Richmond Hill and goes out of his way to support us. He clearly enjoys people, listens well and is fun to talk to”.

Jon Seagraves, Chief Banking Officer of Great Oaks Bank, is one of Buck’s longest personal friends. “When we first met he walked into the bank and we started talking. I could immediately see his good character and that, clearly, his heart was in the right place. We share a passion for shooting, hunting and other interests. As a banker, I look for certain characteristics in a person. I saw that this was a man who was determined to see his business succeed.”

Everyone I spoke to enjoyed sharing Buck with me. All recognized his genuine care for others and his business talent.

Buck served in the Marines, in intelligence which was perfect for this man who loves to collect and analyze data, asking questions, identifying consumer needs, using his knowledge for improving services, thus growing and retaining customers.

When I questioned him about what he’s learned from his military life he said that, “pros and cons are ingrained in you in service because the Marine Corps prides itself for doing more with less. I have honed the craft of problem solving. When something clearly seems impossible and should not be attempted, very few people will take on that task. I’ve made a career of taking on such a task, meeting or exceeding expectations with no wasted energy.”

Listening to him, knowing him, it is clear he has vision.

After serving in the Marines and having traveled the world as a government contractor, Buck wanted to come home to raise his children and through business derive joy and happiness helping others raise the quality of their life. Now, his two oldest children work with him full time. His company, C & H Precision, will create significant job opportunities which will help the area by attracting workers to his company and businesses not just to Richmond Hill but to the region.

Buck started his company in Florida in 2011, moved it in 2017 to Richmond Hill. Buck said “I soon realized the potential of designing and manufacturing adaptor plates and other precision parts for firearms. My company has grown from 5 employees in 2019 to 40 today. Law Enforcement, Federal Agencies and Military Units worldwide buy reliable, precision optics mounts for handguns from us”.

Buck’s business, C & H Precision (family owned and operated) will encompass over 50,000 square feet. The ground breaking ceremony is Monday, March 4, at 9 a.m. at the site, 55 Mustang Court in Richmond Hill. Governor Brian Kemp, Congressman Buddy Carter, State Representative Ron Stephens, Police Chief Mitch Shores, Sheriff Mark Crowe, County Commissioners and City Council members will attend. All who are interested are invited to attend as well.

Buck is always thinking, creating and helping others. He has designed a 60 seat cafe in the facility for employees, families and individuals to have the convenience and the ability to shop for firearms, accessories in the store, use the indoor pistol range, or just enjoy a snack or lunch after using the “Y” located next door. As one arrives, they will be greeted by the tallest and biggest American flag in the state, our Richmond Hill flag, and our State flag, a warm welcome to all.

Buck will double his workforce and will create hundreds of high paying jobs, investing in the future of our community. This will be a catalyst for regional prosperity, attracting talent and investment which will benefit everyone. He was recognized in 2023 by Inc. Magazine as the fastest growing manufacturing company in the 8 state southeast region. Quite a trip for a man who moved to Richmond Hill, lived in an office room with no kitchen for several years as he built his company. This is an everyman who is the hero I write about today. He’s lived a life on many levels, a man who succeeds because he can, constantly learning and teaching others along the way.

I would like to leave you with this quote from Buck. “C& H Precision is more than just a manufacturer. We are a company that prioritizes community engagement and actively participates in initiatives that enrich the lives of those around us. Our project represents not only our dedication to excellence in manufacturing but also our steadfast commitment to the well-being and prosperity of the communities we call home.”

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