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Let God use us as he needs
pastor corner

Last Sunday, since I was still on what is called a sabbatical, I had one of our members share their testimony with the congregation.

He shared how faithful the Lord was to his parents – how he had changed their lives so that he, the child, could witness this event in his parents.

He also shared how faithful God was to him, saving his life from a horrible plane crash and using the peace of a dying soldier from that crash to remind him of the life he ought to be living.

At the end of both services, the Lord used his story to convict many in the congregation to commit or recommit their lives to Christ Jesus.

This was a reminder that God wants to use all of us to bring others to him and to bring him honor and praise.

Whether we are at church or in our neighborhood or at school or at work, God can use us as we tell our stories.

There are hungry people who are searching for something that is real and genuine. They are looking for something that actually works and can change their lives.

So we have an awesome responsibility to let God use us wherever we go. Jesus tells us to let our lights always shine, so that others can see.

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