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Leadership lacking in TerraPointe deal
Letter to editor
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Dear editor: I agree with your guest columnist, Sean Register, in his assertion that the TerraPointe industrial park is a no-brainer for Richmond Hill. The potential for job growth and an improved economic base is tremendous. 
However, I disagree with Mr. Register in his statement that Mayor Harold Fowler has provided great leadership in this endeavor. In my estimation, Mr. Fowler has provided very little leadership on the matter.
His communication with council has been lacking, to say the least. The only time in the past six months that I have been asked to the mayor’s office to discuss an issue was when Mr. Fowler wanted to encourage me to speak with his friend, Steve Croy, regarding his proposed development on Hwy.144. 
When I asked the mayor about TerraPointe, I was told that Rayonier will be coming to us soon to go forward with the annexation. When I inquired to Bryan County Commission Chairman Jimmy Burnsed, I was told the same thing.
The mayor has had, for more than a year, the commitment of two council members, including mine, to vote for the TerraPointe project. That is enough for the project to pass. 
Please, let us all put election-year politics aside and reach an agreement that will be most beneficial for Richmond Hill.

Russ Carpenter,
Richmond Hill City Council

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