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Lawmakers return for political mapping
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“Georgia lawmakers return to the Gold Dome in Atlanta for a special legislative session primarily to deal with redistricting.” This redistricting session comes up each decade following the completion of the census count.
The state lawmakers’ job is to approve new district maps for the state House, the state Senate and a new map for Georgia’s U.S. House delegation.
For months, House and Senate redistricting committees have been working on the process. Sharpsburg’s state Sen. Mitch Seabaugh has played a significant role in this process because he is chairman of the Senate Redistricting Committee.
Among other duties, Seabaugh and colleagues on the Senate and House Redistricting committees have held public meetings across our state exchanging dialogue with citizens about redistricting.
The most significant change in redistricting this year from 10 years ago and earlier decades is Republicans are firmly in control of the state House and Senate this time around.
That’s not been the case during previous redistricting efforts. Democrats held control for more than 100 years.
Democrats shaped the district maps as much as they could to the liking of their party, despite Republican grumbling.
And this year Republicans will do what they can to help the GOP cause in redistricting.
The process is indeed political, and now it’s the Republicans turn to draw the maps.
And the Democrats are grumbling.

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