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The labor of love
pastor corner

In 1 Thessalonians chapter 1, verse 3, the author says while praying for them he remembered their labor that was prompted by love.

So, the question can be asked of us: what possible reason is there that we give of our time and talents to do something for God’s work, including at the church?

Well, for some it might be to get recognition or applause from those who witness it. For others it might be just to get a paycheck if they are involved in vocational ministry. For others it might be that they are doing so out of mere duty; they don’t want to, but feel it is required. Scripture would teach us that the main reason we serve is because of our love for God and our love for others.

This principle also works in a marriage relationship.

Why should we do things for our spouse? It should always be motivated by our love for that person.

When our labor is out of a spirit of love, the load seems much lighter and the motivation to do more is present.

This kind of love becomes part of us when we invite the best example ever, Jesus Christ, into our lives. As we grow in our faith we become more and more like Him.

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