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Know what’s really important
pastor corner

With the Super Bowl coming up this weekend, there are a lot of New Orleans fans that are still grieving some are just flat out mad.

If you saw the game, as I did, there was no question that there was a missed call by the referees. It was so evident that even the football league apologized for the mistake. This was not a questionable call, and it most likely prevented New Orleans from going to the Super Bowl.

Some of you just don’t care because you either hate football or it’s not something you pay attention to. But most of you probably would feel sorry for anyone who experienced some kind of injustice or you felt was wronged.

The truth of the matter is that nothing really can be done at this juncture, nothing that will reverse the outcome. The results are not only a denial to play on one of the biggest stages in the world before millions of people and a chance to win the championship, but loss of income for the players, as well.

The fans will feel the disappointment for a while and won’t be able to cheer their team on at the event. Football fans will be talking about this maybe for years to come. No one will be able to go back in history andchange things.

I want to put all this in proper perspective and put it in a list of priorities in life. This will not be the end of the world. So what is really more important?

One thing is our relationships that they remain strong. Another is our health – problems here can lead to all kinds of limitations and even death.

Most important of all is our relationship with Jesus Christ - our decision of whether we accept or reject Him determines our eternal destiny.

The bad news is that we won’t be able to make all wrongs right, but the great news is that we all are invited to follow Jesus and can be assured of our eternal destination

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