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Know the condition of your heart
pastor corner

We all have ambitions – some good and some bad, some that will only be for our benefit and some primarily for the benefit of others. 

There are times that I think it would be nice to own a ranch in Texas or a mountain retreat somewhere in the Smokies or a private island in the Pacific – and these things in and of themselves aren't always sinful.

At my age, the chances for any one of these to happen is razor slim and if possible would require all of my energy, time and money with the last three being the biggest problem.

Even if I could possess a mountain retreat or a private island, how long could I enjoy it? Even if it came into my possession today fully paid for, my time would be limited. And then what about my intentions for owning these things in the first place?

In Luke chapter 12, Jesus gave a parable about a man who had a lot of possessions, but because of greed, never could seem to possess enough to satisfy him. His intention was to enjoy everything he had accumulated for a long time, but God reminded him that life is short and then asked this question, "Who will get what you have prepared for yourself?"

Like I said earlier, the amount of possessions is not the issue, rather it's the condition of one's heart. Are God and his interests first in my life or is it all about satisfying self?

I like the words of a great poet, which says, "Only one life, twill soon be past. Only what's done for Christ will last."

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