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Job well done, Alison Holcombe
News editorial
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Congratulations are in order for Lanier Primary teacher Alison Holcombe, winner of the 2010-2011 Bryan Schools Teacher of the Year.
Chosen by her peers during a process that seeks to name the “best of the best,” Holcombe is among the hundreds of reasons so many believe Bryan Schools rank among the best in Georgia.
In a word, it’s teachers. Teachers such as Holcombe.
This dedicated and talented young woman is one of many gifted teachers who grace our schools -- making her win that much more impressive.
And in that regard, those with whom Holcombe competed for the honor also deserve our congratulations. They are, Kimberly Long, Bryan County Elementary; Cassandra Donaldson, Bryan County Middle School; Ginnie Sherrod, Bryan County High School; Teresa Deneen, Richmond Hill Primary; Marianne Zamjohn, Richmond Hill Elementary: Mary Matthews, Carver Elementary; Mary Jo Fina, Richmond Hill Middle; Wes Valentine, Richmond Hill High School.
In addition to a pat on the back, these teachers and their coworkers in deserve our thanks.  
Remember, teaching is one of the few professions where one is responsible for shaping young minds and preparing them for the challenges they’ll face in adulthood. It is not an easy job, but it’s important.
As Holcombe put it, “we shape the citizens of tomorrow. It is our responsibility to teach, nurture and foster students to become model citizens who contribute to the community and others. I’m excited to have a small part in this adventure.”
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