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'It's only a cat?'
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Dear Editor:


This statement is given to clear up the items not reported by Savannah Morning News and Bryan County News.

It is very sad that any of this has to happen in this manner. I do not give an apology to any individual or group. It happened in a manner first stated when Tommy Foster used his finger as he was pointing a gun and said "POW." A hypodermic syringe does not make the sound of "POW." Furthermore, as the four of us met, including my neighbor, and talked with Tommy Foster, we discussed many items. One question I asked him was had he ever killed any animals not using conventional means. His response was no… "but I did punch a beagle in the face and down to the ground when he came after when I was letting him out of the cage." I know that he and most people are in a thankless job. However, it takes a special person with the right temperament to do this job. I want everyone to know I am not on a witch hunt or trying to hurt Bryan County Animal Control. I am only speaking for the animals that have no voice. I also know that Tommy Foster needs to work, as he supports several of his family members. As I stated in the first news article, I did view a single dead cat in the holding freezer. Never did I say anything other than the cat I viewed was not shot. As we exited the fence Skip Youmans got in my face, with witnesses present, and demanded I change the statement that had been posted on Facebook regarding Bryan County Animal Control. I was shocked at his sudden change in attitude. I fired back at him with a few select words myself. I want everyone to know that the cat I viewed appeared as if it had been there for sometime. I am not a forensic scientist, yet I know the cat was covered with frost and other details that I will not make public. The time factor from point A to point B was questionable, unless Bryan County has a flash freezer like a shrimp boat. On my return trip to adopt the live cat, Tommy told me he had nothing to hide. He had his computer on and asked me to come around his desk and look at the screen. I first thought he was going to show me a list of animals they adopted out. However, it was page after page, month after month, of animals they put down…. It was unreal!!!!! I asked about one dog, his reply was it had an eye infection with a wink of an eye by Tommy.

I am not a one man show or a busybody, just trying to speak for the animals that can not. The finding and investigation request are as follows:

A botched up Georgia Law (GA.CODE 16-12-4). Look it up! "Cruelty to Animals" Section E. This law needs to be changed. No law should allow a select group to be protected. The offense "Aggravated Cruelty to Animals". Call your state representative. Let your voice be heard!

I request that Tommy Foster not be transferred or terminated, but sent to the Georgia Animal Control Association for proper training at the County’s expense. If that has already been done, then retrain! Make the shelter open more times for adoptions, not at the convenience of the animal control officer, but the convenience of the public. Allow volunteers to participate without being turned away and restricted. The shelter animals can not be adopted if they are not open! I received many calls during this investigation concerning Tommy Foster and his practices, none of which shed a positive light on him. I have not seen him kill any animals, only what is talked about and joked about on the streets.

Again, I offer no apology to Tommy Foster or Bryan County. I only apologize to the volunteers who have been turned away, and the few that are allowed access to part of the facility. The facility was found to be clean and presentable. Bryan County needs to up the funding and the public needs to also do their part by donating and volunteering. We all need and should be required to spay and neuter our animals to prevent more animals from ending up in shelters. The animals only ask for food, unconditional love everyday and a place to call home. This investigation is being continued by other agencies beyond my control. These agencies include ASPCA, PAWS, GA. ATTORNEY GENERAL, USDA, PETA, and NATIONAL HUMAN SOCIETY.

My other concerns are regarding Skip Youmans. Skip was told by the county attorney not to have any more comments regarding this investigation. Yet he continues to call and visit news media, trying to discredit the whole situation and myself. Mr. Youmans was not present when the finger was pointed or when the conversation Tommy and I had took place. I reported to Skip the very next morning and met with Skip and a female co worker. They both said that Tommy was an idiot and they were always getting him out of trouble. Tommy was then in turn sent to my house to get this "worked out." He arrived and apologized to myself, wife and neighbor. We listened to him and he furnished more information that only fueled our concerns. I understand that Skip Youmans is standing by his employee, as he should. My concern is that his temperament is not right for the job. This all started with individuals dumping animals to fend for themselves in search of food and shelter. The problem still exists and is everywhere. I have to wonder how the North Bryan County Animal Control and Shelter has fewer problems, less complaints and more adoptions of animals. Someone is doing something right there… why can’t we do the same.

Oh don’t forget "It’s only a cat!"

Thank you


J.R GILL, Concerned citizen for Animal Rights.

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