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It is an honor to be remembered
pastor corner

When I was growing up, on Memorial Day, our family always went to a couple of cemeteries to put flowers on the graves of loved ones who had departed. It was an act that showed that these loved ones were not forgotten.

All across America, this next Monday, there will be gatherings of people commemorating military personnel who have fallen after fighting for this country. The purpose is so that their service and sacrifice will not be forgotten.

At a church service when communion is observed, one of the important aspects is that the sacrifice of Jesus for us will not be forgotten. Jesus Himself, in instructing His disciples in the eating of the communion bread, said, “This is my body, which is given for you. Do this in remembrance of me.”. In other words, when this communion is observed, we should remember who we are honoring when doing so.

So, let this Memorial Day remind you of those who have passed on before you, honoring them, lest they be forgotten.

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