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Infinger: Much of what we're seeing now result of years of hard work
Carter Infinger
Carter Infinger is the current chairman of the Bryan County Commission.

As we close this exciting year in Bryan County, it’s easy to reflect over what has transpired the past 12 months. There sure have been some positive developments, from the commencement of several much-needed transportation projects to the completion of work on our recreation facilities. Our schools are in great shape and the local economy is healthy, thanks in part to the location of new industry in Bryan County and our fine small businesses.

I’d like to take a look back even further, though, and focus on all that has been accomplished over the past 2-4 years, much of which is just now becoming apparent. Thanks to a lot of hard work behind the scenes, our residents are starting to see lots of changes that actually have been in the works for many years. And there are upgrades and finished projects that, perhaps, residents will never take note of because they’ve kept the county operating smoothly with no noticeable delays or hiccups.

For example, Bryan County leaders’ fiscal responsibility and inclination toward meticulous planning have allowed us to build new fire stations, purchase the best equipment and train our first responders and law-enforcement officers very well. The county’s citizens might not realize this because services are provided adequately and efficiently. Our operations are a well-oiled machine, but it takes a lot of effort to get and keep us there.

With the recommended amount of reserve operating funds in the bank, Bryan County can confidently tackle the projects that take priority without worrying that we’re over-extending ourselves or spending money we haven’t yet earned. This is especially relevant given the growth our area is experiencing. We need to remain one step ahead of the populations’ demands and, so far, our administrators and staff have done a great job of being proactive instead of reactive.

We’re making good progress on our capital improvement plan, which will allow Bryan County to do more in 2019 to increase residents’ quality of life and everyday enjoyment of their communities. Roads are being paved and widened, parks are being improved, traffic-relief projects are in full swing, businesses are choosing to open here, houses are being built in accordance with new aesthetic and safety requirements, and our county departments are operating effectively to provide customers with the service they need and deserve.

In Northern Bryan County, we’ve built a new animal shelter, which will replace an outdated and inadequate facility. In addition, Hendrix Park underwent many updates, including a major project to update the football field and add a new facility consisting of new bathrooms and a concession stand.

In 2019, we have a wide array of initiatives and plans to be excited about. residents can look forward to a major improvement project at Henderson Park in South Bryan, which will include the construction of a new gymnasium and soccer field. The 144 widening, some roundabouts and the I-95 interchange are also well on their way to being complete.

It’s a wonderful time to be in Bryan County, and that’s due to many things – the hard work and planning that have been transpiring behind the scenes for years now have brought us to this point. The commitment of our residents to helping us make Bryan County a wonderful place to work and live has been essential, and we’re very appreciative of their willingness to equip us with valuable planning tools, such as TSPLOST and SPLOST. Our cooperative worth with the Cities of Richmond Hill and Pembroke has been – and will continue to be – imperative to our continued success and growth. Our county employees are essential to everyday operations and future planning efforts. We couldn’t make this county the desirable place that it is without all those entities and people. So, here’s to the end of another great year and the start of an even better one!

 Infinger is Chairman of the Bryan County Board of Commissioners. 

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