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In praise of a true gentleman
Letter to the editor

Editor, I would like to write about Nicholas. You will know why in the coming paragraphs. Recently, in the midst of this remarkable spring, Nicholas knocked on my front door and introduced himself. I was immediately taken with his positive attitude and courtesy toward an adult, as some of us remember respecting our elders and using manners. A way of life not so common anymore. But not with Nicholas.

As Nicholas stood in the doorway in his neatly creased uniform, I suddenly remembered my two worn and torn American flags in the garage. I had been meaning to take the flags to the Veterans of Foreign Wars post for some time. However, I asked Nicholas if he and his troop would properly dispose of the Old Glories? Of course, Nicholas did not hesitate to say yes and expressed both his and troop’s expertise in the proper disposal of the United States’ flag, unlike much of the disgrace that occurs today — not only internationally, but in our own country.

Only at the time, Nicholas was using his skateboard for transportation. Yes, Nicholas was working for himself and his fellow troop comrades. Nicholas stated, "I will be right back." Nicholas did come back. To Nicholas’ credit and true to his word, he did what he said he would do.

In true honor and dignity to our country’s symbol, Nicholas and I paid tribute to the two Old Glories as we properly folded them. I am in great confidence that Mr. Nicholas will bear true honor and dignity, along with his troop, to my two old American flags, as a new flag is now in place. In the future, I will seek out Mr. Nicholas and his troop comrades to perform such an honored ceremony. Thank you, Nicholas, and, if I remember correctly, Troop 527. Your professionalism and dedication are truly remarkable.

Capt. Ralph M. Odom

Fort Stewart

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