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Ignore rumors of deployment
Military spouse
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We all hear them — the whispers exchanged between soldiers of all ranks, the anxious questioning from spouses too afraid to really consider the possibility.
That’s right, I’m talking about rumors of another deployment. As someone who just purchased a house and has a baby due this October, denying that the rumors have any effect on me seems so obviously false there’s no point in trying. No, the rumors probably have taken their toll as much on me as they have most of the other military families out there.
Of course, that’s all they are. Rumors are not orders, and rumors don’t send our soldiers overseas — again. It’s possible that these particular rumors are grounded in truth and that a deployment may be in our near future, but until we get official word, what’s the use in fretting?
I’m sure for more seasoned military families, the thought of another deployment is less surprising than it is to some of us newbies. You’ve learned that when they say two years until the 3rd ID deploys again, there’s an implied “unless something comes up” attached to the end. And you’ve come to accept that this is the life we chose.
But for those of us who still are novices, the very thought of another year without our soldiers is shocking enough to send all of that logic we accumulated during the last tour right out of our heads. Or maybe that’s just me.
Still, I’ve resigned not to put too much stock in these rumors for the time being. True or not, it does me no good to spend the time I do have with my husband worrying about when he’ll be leaving next.  
As for the rumors, if you don’t know for sure, it’s probably better not to cause others stress for no real reason.

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