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Historical marker is a failure
Letter to editor
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Editor, I lived in the Richmond Hill area several years back and have friends who live in the area and subscribe to your newspaper and forward it to me. I keep reading letters pertaining to an historical marker placed in a particular neighborhood by the Richmond Hill Historical Society and the city of Richmond Hill. After further inquiries, I learned that Buddy Sullivan was paid by the society to prepare the marker text as furnished to him by the society.
While I lived over there, I did visit the museum on occasion and purchased books Mr. Sullivan had written concerning the history of Bryan County and surrounding areas and enjoyed them immensely. Now, I find that Mr. Sullivan doesn’t properly do his research and allows gossip and untruths to influence his writings. So I am left to wonder what is fact and what is fiction within the pages of his books of historical events.
It is my understanding that the neighborhood where the questionable marker is emblazoned with the headline “The ‘Bottom’ Village” is factually Richmond Hill Village as stated within the courthouse records and deeds. Upon further questions, I learned several longtime residents are offended by the marker as they do not like being referred to as “bottom dwellers” and feel the marker is derogatory and degrading.
As if it’s not enough that Henry Ford made remarks concerning how poorly educated the residents of the area were, and others I won’t repeat, now the city of Richmond Hill has sanctioned a marker as evidence.
Richmond Hill Historical Society, Buddy Sullivan and the city should be ashamed and need to get the marker corrected or have it removed. It’s a red-check error and they have failed.

— Ronnie Gray, Cordele

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