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Here we go again
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Henry Ford is probably turning over in his grave, because we are talking about him once again.

Now, let me say up front that I am no Henry Ford hater. But I do not put him on a pedestal either. And since our new mayor has brought up the signs that make us a Henry Ford City, I say let’s get them down.

Yes, Henry Ford did a lot for Richmond Hill. I personally think we would not be the great community that we are without our very well planned out subdivisions, government centers and businesses. We have enjoyed a large influx of people from all over bringing their uniqueness to the betterment of our community.

However, Henry Ford was enamored of Adolph Hitler.

Ford wrote about Hitler in flattering ways and thought his policies were good. He even traveled to Germany to personally accept an award from Hitler. Worse, Ford and Hitler believed the "Jews" were responsible for the bad state of the world and would continue to thwart their plans.

This at a time when the world was heading toward the conflagration of WWII and there are pictures that prove that meeting took place.

Assuredly, most Europeans don’t remember Hitler fondly. He killed many millions in his death camps which included many thousands, maybe millions of non-Jews and Jews alike. I ask --how could any American support Hitler, accept an award from Hitler and be proud of it?

I would like to think Ford was only mislead or confused. But he was a very smart man, the founder of an automotive company that is still thriving today even when other auto companies are not.

Now, I am not going to march in protest, not buy a Ford (I just don’t like them), or deny what Henry Ford did for Richmond Hill and for our country and economy as well.

But I would just as soon have the signs removed.

Henry Ford certainly contributed to our community, but so have all the folks that lived here long ago and so do those that live here now.


Miriam Potter is editorial director and a part owner of the Bryan County News.

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