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Hearing our name called
pastor corner

Recently I was at a graduation ceremony and took special notice of the response of family and friends when the one they came to see had their name called out. They applauded and yelled out their name to show their support. Also, it did something for the graduate themselves, because most people like to hear their name called out in recognition of something.

As special as it is to have one’s name called out for some recognition here on earth, there i s a time when hearing our name called out is of way more importance.

The scripture teaches us that when a person becomes a Christian by accepting Jesus, then their name is written down in what is called the Book of Life.

The scripture doesn’t directly say that our names will be called out, but there is a requirement that my name be in the book in order for me to go to heaven.

So, the presumption is that our names will be called out and what a thrill it will be when we hear ours. So, a huge question is this, will your name be called?

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