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Headed home together for Fourth
Military spouse
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Oh, I love it when I have happy news! It looks like after a wait that seemed to go on forever Josh and I will finally close on our house this week.
That means he’s on his way to Iowa to pick me up now and we should be pulling into Fort Stewart just in time for the fireworks show on Monday.
This will be Josh’s first Independence Day celebration at Fort Stewart and he’s doing all he can to not miss it. Our first July 4 in Georgia he was on a field assignment and he celebrated our nation’s freedom last year from a hot and sunny Iraq. This year, we’re hoping to do things a bit more traditionally.
Sure, we’ll spend most of our day driving cross-country, but maybe we’ll actually take the time to admire the six different states we’ll be seeing on the ride home. Or maybe we’ll be too ready to be home to notice.
I know I’m ready to be home. It’s been a month and a half since I’ve experienced the muggy summer days Hinesville offers and I’m beginning to miss it. And there’s no doubt I’ll have plenty to keep me busy once I arrive.
Have you ever noticed how no matter where you go, be it vacation or work trips, to-do lists always accumulate in your absence? I’ll be greeted by a series of doctor appointments, a house to clean and move into and a church youth week to plan. That’s not to mention my husband’s upcoming eye surgery, grooming the dog and taking whatever sharp object I can find to the jungle that comes free with the home we’re buying — lucky us.
Still, busy is good. Busy means settling into home. Busy means finally finding out which color we’ll paint the nursery and actually painting it. Busy means the freedom to make choices and the responsibility to live with their consequences.
Happy Independence Day! Enjoy the festivities with your friends and family as we will be, but never forget the price of our freedom.

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