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He died for our sins
pastor corner

The calendar has turned to December. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are behind us. Some of you may have completed your Christmas shopping by now.

I know my Dad has. Of course, he has a method that is simple and sweet. He does all of his shopping at his local bank. $100 bills are a perfect fit for all of his grandchildren.

We do lots of things to prepare for Christmas.Decorations are put up. Gifts re bought. Shows are attended.

No Christmas is complete until I have attended the Savannah Theatre downtown, and the Christmas musical from our church choir. Those two musical events, outside of the gathering of family, are highlights for me.

I am so grateful for the reason that we celebrate at this time of year. God broke into our world in a way that was unique and is quite difficult for us to grasp. “God became flesh, and dwelt among us,” is the way that John described it.

The teachings of the New Testament are radical, and yet clear. Jesus is God in the flesh, and yet he is also fully human. In order to save us, he had to be greater than we are. Thus he is truly God.

And in order to take our place and receive the punishment for our sin, he had to be one of us. In his great power and love, God made him both.

I cannot fully explain the incarnation (God becoming flesh). I cannot fully explain the concept of the Trinity. And yet, by faith, I accept these wondrous concepts. And it know that the God of all the universe is also the one who was born in a stable, placed in a manger and then lived a sinless and perfect life.

And I realize that this perfect god-man was born for one purpose. He came to die for our sins.

As you celebrate the reality and the joy of Christmas, remember both the grief of Good Friday, and the glory of Resurrection Sunday. Jesus was born for us. “Glory to God in the highest.”

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