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Happy anniversary
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Today, The Dolphin Project celebrates its 20th anniversary with a shindig at J.F. Gregory Park.

We wish its members a happy anniversary and hope they have many more -- though in truth, it would be better if we didn’t need groups such as The Dolphin Project. However, that would mean we didn’t pollute the planet and it would mean we took better care not to destroy the wonderful world that God gave us.

Truth is, were we better stewards of our natural resources there would be no need for The Dolphin Project, or the Ogeechee-Canoochee Riverkeepers, or any other number of such groups. But we are not better stewards and so we have a need for these organizations, which are largely staffed by volunteers who share a common love of nature and a strong desire to protect and preserve it. They deserve our thanks and our respect.

Yet not all respect their efforts. Some deride them as tree huggers or worse. But those people are misguided. After all, the same planet which sustains creatures such as the bottlenose dolphin also gives us life. Ruining their habitat is another step toward making our shared world unlivable for us. It’s been said that saving the planet isn’t really about saving the Earth at all. It’s more about saving our own skins. That is correct. And if in the process we can make it a better, cleaner world for all of God’s creatures, so much the better.

Again, happy anniversary to The Dolphin Project. Georgia’s bottlenose dolphin population and the rest of us are lucky to have you in Richmond Hill.

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