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Guest column: United in desire for diverse city
Guest columnist

Written by Unity in the Community Inc.

We don’t need to tell you what a great city Richmond Hill is becoming. We are doing things here that most other communities this small are starting to do...grow. We have a lot to be proud of, yet despite our best efforts, despite being surrounded by faster growing cities, being the place where our veteran families come to live and experience our schools, we have far too many in our community who are not informed on the rich diverse African American history here.

 We believe some here locally are united in their desire for Richmond Hill to be a diverse and affordable city. We believe we are united in this desire for every local citizen to be able to receive equal treatment and a chance to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness right here. We believe some here are united in this desire to ensure that every resident, regardless of legal status, age, race, sexual identity or ZIP code is safe in our community. And we know some are united in resisting and rejecting the racism, sexism and hatred that is plaguing our country.

 Yet a young man by the name of Chris Walker, who was born and raised in Richmond Hill, and then moved to Atlanta, came back to use his artistic talent to help preserve that rich history of Richmond Hill, GA. The mural painted on the southside of Charlie Grangers eatery building in the city does just that.

Both Henry Ford & George Washington Carver are part of that rich history. The fact that George Washington Carver was an American agricultural scientist and inventor. He was also the most prominent black scientist of the early 20th century. The fact that Mr. Ford respected and partnered with him, showing his leadership in bringing the city together in the face of overt racism in those days, which left many residents fearful for their future, was truly inspiring. Please view this video about him.

 True inspirational leadership in bringing a city together in the face of changes, will leave both the indigenous and transplant residents hopeful for their future, and truly inspiring a Smart City into the future.

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