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Guest column: Bryan County is preparing for growth
Carter Infinger
Carter Infinger

Carter Infinger

Bryan County Commission Chairman

I’m excited to share some important updates about our county’s readiness for the significant population growth we’re expecting. With the Blueprint Bryan 2045 Comprehensive Plan at the forefront, along with key infrastructure projects and recreational improvements, we’re proactively ensuring sustainable development and a high standard of living for all.

At the core of our preparedness is the Comprehensive Plan, a forward-thinking document crafted in collaboration with various stakeholders. It’s essentially a dynamic guide outlining how we’ll manage land use and development for the next twenty years. This plan takes into consideration the anticipated increase in residents and businesses due to factors like the Hyundai Metaplant and our proximity to Savannah and the coast. It’s all about managing growth responsibly while preserving our natural resources and quality of life.

To accommodate our growing population, we’ve identified critical infrastructure needs outlined in the North Bryan County Water and Sewer Master Plan and the North Bryan Regional Traffic Study. These plans detail where we’ll need to expand water and sewer services and improve transportation networks to ease congestion and improve connectivity. By strategically planning these upgrades and implementing traffic management solutions, we’re laying the groundwork for sustainable growth and economic prosperity.

Recognizing the importance of efficient transportation, last year, Bryan County citizens approved a Transportation Local Option Sales Tax (TSPLOST). This funding will go towards projects aimed at easing traffic, including adding roundabouts and widening key roads like Belfast Keller Road and US 280 at Wilma Edwards Rd.

These enhancements will not only support economic development but also enhance residents’ overall quality of life by improving traffic flow and safety.

As our population grows, so does the demand for recreational opportunities. Bryan County is rising to meet this demand by investing in upgrades and expansions to our parks and recreational facilities. Hendrix Park, damaged by the tornado, is undergoing a complete rebuild, including a new gym. Meanwhile, Duval Henderson Park will soon boast two new baseball fields and a concession stand, offering more opportunities for outdoor enjoyment.

In our efforts to enhance coastal access and preserve natural beauty, we’re rehabilitating the Fisherman’s Co-op Property. Upon completion later this year, this project will provide amenities like a boat ramp, nature trails, and walkways, creating new recreational opportunities while promoting environmental stewardship and ecotourism.

In conclusion, Bryan County is actively preparing for the anticipated population growth. Through careful planning, infrastructure investments, and recreational enhancements, we’re laying the foundation for a sustainable and thriving community. By balancing growth with environmental conservation and quality of life considerations, we’re well-positioned for success in the years ahead. Thank you for allowing me to serve as your Bryan County Chairman.

Carter Infinger is the current Bryan County Commission Chairman.

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