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Guest column: Be sure to shop local during the holidays
Carter Infinger
Carter Infinger is the current chairman of the Bryan County Commission.

Carter Infinger

Bryan County Commission Chairman

Where we choose to spend our dollars holds more power than we might realize. Many of the retail stores and restaurants in Bryan County are local businesses run by local owners. That means that when you shop local, you are not only supporting a local business, but you are also likely supporting a fellow Bryan County resident. 

Shopping local isn’t just about finding that unique gift or supporting neighbors, it also fuels the growth and improvement of our community. An added benefit of shopping local is helping to fund SPLOST and TSPLOST projects one penny at a time. Many new road, recreation, and infrastructure projects will begin in 2024 and by shopping local and encouraging others to shop in our community we spread the cost of those projects out. The goal is to have non-residents pay for a significant portion of the projects.

Beyond the direct benefits of supporting local businesses, the dollars that are spent tend to circulate within the community. Business owners shop with other local business owners for goods and services and often employ those who live here. This strengthens each dollar.

We can help our community look to the future, one purchase at a time. Remember, every dollar spent at a local business is more than just a sale; it’s an investment in a better, brighter future for everyone who calls our community home. Thank you for allowing me to be your chairman. Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

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