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Government spending is to blame for crisis
Letter to editor
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Editor, The current battle over the budget and deficits has left many people confused. It is not complicated if it is broken down to the bare essentials.
There is not now and never has been a recession in the public (government) sector. If they spend too much, they simply spend borrowed money. They have hired many workers in the last two or three years. The private sector has been hurting because they must make a profit or go out of business. Their largest expense is for employees, so they must reduce staffs to survive. They cannot hire until the business improves.
The current administration and the Senate think that the major part of the solution is to take more money from the private sector and give it to the politicians. Does this make sense? The result will be less private sector jobs (less taxpayers) and probably more government jobs. More government workers mean more government expenses which must ultimately be paid for by private sector profits. It is a vicious circle.
Since higher taxes would be counterproductive, the only real option to improve the economy and reduce the deficit is for the government to spend less.

Roy Hensel

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