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Good news
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We believe it’s good news that Pembroke officials plan on launching another festival to replace the ill fated Balloon Fest - a great idea in theory but one which ultimately was unable to make a go of it.

We also see nothing wrong with the name suggested for the new event, "The Pembroke Pig Pickin' Festival."

To us, it rolls off the tongue and brings to mind thoughts of one of the South’s traditional foods - pork barbecue. And the promise of some of the area’s best barbecue is alone plenty of reason to get behind the festival, which if successful can only help Pembroke businesses and the city.

Unfortunately, some are already dismissing the idea out of hand. One anonymous blogger on our web site considers the name of the festival hill billy - a rather idiotic claim (and even if it were, what’s wrong with hill billies?) - while another blogger seems to feel officials have better things to do than create another festival. That person apparently doesn’t realize most humans can multitask.

Certainly, as some critics might note, Pembroke has important issues it must address, ranging from crime to health care to poverty. In that regard, Pembroke is no different than any other city in the U.S. But it’s absurd to suggest those troubles preclude the city from looking for a positive way to promote itself and celebrate one of the region’s great contributions to the American culinary experience.

Pig Pickin' Festival?

We can’t wait.

Jeff Whitten for the Bryan County News

June 25, 2008


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