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Good credit
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In case you missed it, not long ago the Atlanta Journal-Constitution published a look at alleged abuse of state purchasing cards - which in effect are credit cards.

It prompted us to wonder whether local officials use purchasing cards and, if so, how they handled the accounts. Should you not understand why that's important, please note that as a taxpayer you help pay the bills run up by government employees at the local, state or federal level.

So we asked questions and our local government folks answered them. They also responded within a reasonable amount of time to our request to view their credit card statements and willingly explained every charge we questioned. The result is a story in today’s paper showing in part, and as best as we can tell, that unlike some at both the state and local level across Georgia, your officials have not abused taxpayer funded credit cards.

That's good news, though we expected no less. Because while there may (and should, if democracy is to work) be disagreements on philosophy, vision or how best to run city, county or state politics, there can’t be room at the government table for folks who would break the public trust.

Again, it’s good to know our local leaders practice that philosophy.

Bryan County News

Jan. 23, 2008

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