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Get the moss out of the crepe myrtles
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Dear Editor: I live in Midway in Liberty County but shop in Richmond Hill every week. Something that has been of grave concern to me for months now needs attention, but I’ve not been able to generate that attention.
Three calls to city hall to no avail. It concerns the crepe myrtle trees in the median from Richmond Hill to the Ogeechee River. They are infested with Spanish moss. I was told in my last phone conversation with a person at city hall that “Richmond Hill has a certified arborist that takes care of things like that.”
I love my trees and plants and do my very best to keep them healthy. Anyone with any knowledge of trees and plants knows that Spanish moss eventually will kill a dogwood, oak or crepe myrtle, its favorites. All I have done is appeal to those at city hall in Richmond Hill to take action and rid the infested trees of this parasite before it kills them. Won’t someone please help?

Dot Moss

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