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Fly high with the buzzards?
pastor corner

Pastor Jim Jackson

Richmond Hill Presbyterian Church

I love birds. That’s why we have two feeders in the back yard. Actually, only one now: the squirrels took over the other. Seems like our backyard is our favorite “room.” In spite of the mosquitoes, yellow files, and no-seems, we enjoy it most days. Birds begin feeding early as the sun rises. Oh, what a variety—cardinals, woodpeckers, wrens, mocking birds and bluejays, to name only a few.

But yesterday, I chose to sit on the front porch, where there is plenty sky to see when it’s neither dark nor raining.

While lizards were scampering around my feet, I happened to look to the sky.

That’s when I saw a bird I’ve never seen at the feeders in our backyard. High in the sky he was enjoying the beautiful day. And it didn’t take much effort, for the rising wind currents kept that buzzard afloat. He seemed so at peace with the world, scanning the horizon and looking down as well. What a view he was enjoying, apparently without much cost to his energy reserves. High in the sky, he circled around and around. Drifting down occasionally, he only had to make a few strokes with his wings to regain his sailing under blue skies. Such pleasure, yet with so little cost of his energy.

Isn’t that what all of us want—high flying pleasure with little cost to staying afloat? Eagles soar also but with what appears to be greater cost. They keep their wings moving constantly when flying—not much coasting for them. They feed on the same thing as buzzards, but with a great exception. The don’t feast on road kill. Instead, they prefer fresh meats.

Watch out rodents! Help yourselves buzzards and eagles, I’ll get mine

at Winn-Dixie. Jesus once had something to say about birds: “Look at the birds of the air, they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them.” Isn’t it fascinating how, by God’s provision, birds have a preference in what they eat? I envy the buzzards for their high flights with little effort; but on the other hand, I leave the road kill to them.

Isaiah the prophet gave us a formula for flying high that goes far beyond what any bird sees. “Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles;…” Sure, there’s much ugliness to see all about us these days. But another view is ours to claim. That’s seeing things from heaven’s view.

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