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First Epistle of Peter, 8
pastor corner

Dr. Lawrence Butler

The Bridge Church, Pembroke

Synopsis V – Final Exhortations and Warnings 

1. The first warning is given to the elders of the church.

These directions work for anyone in leadership in the church. They teach us how to interact with people. To fill the position well is to gain a reward with Christ (5:1-4).

We are instructed to work as servants, and not as masters over the people.

2. The next set of directions is given to both the young and the old. Humility must be the overarching virtue that covers all relationships between the people of God.

The old must love and respect the young.

The young must manifest humility toward the old. Together the work of the Lord progresses, but when relationships are broken, the work of the Lord is hindered (5:5-7).

3. The church is then warned concerning the devil. He is ever at work, trying to hinder, divide and destroy. Characterized as a roaring lion, he can often frighten us.

However, we can resist him by faith and be victorious through the blood of Christ (5:8-9).

4. The last section of the book includes the benediction and greetings. Even though we may often suffer, this does not mean that we are forsaken. Our Lord will establish, strengthen and settle us if we remain steadfast in the faith (5:10-14).

Five Precious Things Listed in This Epistle The fiery trials 1:7 The blood of Christ 1:19 The living stone 2:4 The chief corner stone 2:6 Meek and quiet spirit 3:4

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