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Finding peace in God
pastor corner

Dr. Lawrence Butler

The Bridge Church, Pembroke

It seems quite reasonable that most of us, particularly those who were reared in the South, have had much experience with swings. They come in all sizes, shapes and uses. Both sets of my grandparents, paternal and maternal, had swings on their front porches. In fact, they both had 2 swings, one at each end of their front porches.

This despite the fact that one family lived in the country and the other in the city. Many times as a child I sat on these porch swings. Sitting in the swing with grandma at the end of the day when the heat was less oppressive was an enjoyable childhood memory.

When alone I could be observed lying in the swing and pushing the supporting chain back and forth with my foot to provide maximum movement with minimum effort. (Have I told you I was a bright kid?)

Swings have been devised to help parents get tasks completed by swinging their infants back and forth after winding up the chain. (That was a great idea as the parents of crying infants will attest.) There are tire swings hanging from tree limbs.

Swing sets are at almost every playground. However, the most important swing of all probably was the hillside type that carried kids out over a body of water or over a deepening chasm. I’ve used both and they were terrific. The water swing challenged you to release the swing, fall into the water correctly (it was no fun if you failed), and show your friends your swinging and diving skills.

Movement seems incredibly comforting to humans. We may not sit on porch swings any longer, and we may have aged out of the tire and hillside types, but boy do we like rocking in our swivel rockers and sitting in our relaxing recliners. You see, we can still spin around in those recliners to see what is important that is occurring all around us. These things bring us a calmness that so often we struggle to find. There is a real peace and relaxation, but it is found in God and in Him alone.

God really wants us to have peace. His peace comes from within. “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee” (Isaiah 26:3). There are various ways to find comfort in our culture, but there is nothing finer than the peace that comes from knowing our sins are forgiven and we have a Savior who loves us. Why not stop searching and try Jesus! By the way, old people, stay off the water swings! You don’t look athletic and you might get hurt.

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