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Elizabeth Warren’s Indian pudding
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Victor Pisano

Get ready. During the next several weeks, prior to the November mid-term election, there will come a deluge of political campaign television commercials blasting at us from both sides of the political aisle.

Heaven help us.

When I was a puppy, I was a writer/producer/director of television commercials. Yes - I confess, I was part of the problem. But it all seemed a little easier back then — more docile and less vitriolic and spiteful. OK, you’re right, maybe not. But there were only three TV channels back then and no one really cared until the first week of November anyway.

Now, we are about to embark on one of the most offensive and intensive midterms media blitzes in American history. Why?

Because “they“ can. It’s obscene the amount of money that will be spent on both sides to tell people what they already know and to vote for candidates they’re already committed to. Everyday folks could use that money. Hey?!

This will be a midterm for the ages. Blue-wave? Red-wave? Guess what? No one really knows. Take that and wave all the way to the bank.

I want to look at the bigger prize.

Enter the 2020 Presidential campaign, already on full throttle.

The 2020 election looms biggest of all-time because of the immense personality of the incumbent and the Kamikaze democratic candidates all waiting in line to divebomb the USS POTUS.

I have to start with Elizabeth Warren. I know her best. She is the current senator of my home state where I did all my TV commercials.

I’ve been watching her maneuver her campaign buttons past her own upcoming 2018 election as senator looking forward only to being coronated as the “Big Kahuna” in 2020.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not necessarily against any single candidate vying to get leverage in any campaign - Especially the 2020 presidential campaign.

But, I totally distrust this person.

“Pocahontas” is the moniker the POTUS bestowed upon her. And it is a major undercurrent in Massachusetts politics as I write this.

They won’t let her off the hook.

It will be interesting to watch those first commercials made against Warren. And it’s of her own making. Elizabeth Warren has left herself wide open to attack due to her erroneous claim that her “high-cheekbones” were verification of her being of Native American lineage. Her cheekbone assertion was a major factor in getting her job lecturing as a “minority” status at Harvard University. Donald Trump wants to bring a DNA test strip to their first debate — if there is one. True.

I told you this was going to be fun to watch.

This, of course, will all become fodder for some major outlandish commercials from the Trump camp as well. Senator Warren denies applying for minority status and openly disputes she leveraged her claim to be Native American.

She says that she was misinterpreted or that the claim was never openly advanced by her.

But I have an inside scoop. How?

Because I was there, living on Martha’s Vineyard when it all went down.

Elizabeth Warren’s Achilles heel? Her Indian pudding.

What happened? Elizabeth Warren participated in one of the Native American Festival’s in Mashpee, Massachusetts, a Wampanoag Indian settlement.

The native tribe of Cape Cod was conducting a Heritage Day Festival, replete with a tribal drum, a wonderful observance, cultural arts and crafts, Native American design, and appropriately enough - storytelling. Elizabeth Warren, took it upon herself during this festival of the Wampanoag Tribe, to submit — I kid you not — a recipe for “Indian Pudding” for Heritage Day and their “Pow Wow Chow” cookbook. She claimed her Indian pudding to be from “an old family recipe.”

Later, a Boston paper revealed that the pudding was a plagiarized version of at least four other recipes. That revelation burns me up as a writer. The TV commercial implications are endless. Even tribal leaders around the country are circling the wagons against her (bad metaphor, I know.) If we are to survive the commercials of both the 2018 and the 2020 elections, we need to stick to the simple truth and hold the phony Indian pudding.

Will it happen? Not on your life.

As for Senator Liawatha? I suggest everyone just try out her recipe in “Pow Wow Chow” for “Indian pudding” And judge for yourself if it’s authentic — or not.

Columnist-at-large Pisano is a writer, thinker and Ford Plantation resident.

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