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Editor's notes: We could spend our whole lives waiting
Andrea Gutierrez
Andrea Gutierrez

Andrea Gutierrez

Associate Editor

Move over, Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift - the only football star/pop sensation power couple I cared about this past weekend was David and Victoria Beckham. Yeah - across the pond they call soccer “football”, which translates to “the sport where the ball is actually kicked by the feet- but I digress.

Last Sunday I watched the “Beckham” documentary on Netflix, which, among other thoughts, gave me a huge wave of nostalgia for an epic 90s era I did not live through. Maybe that’s why I overcompensate nowadays by wearing loads of denim outfits and watching “Seinfeld” reruns.

But one moment that caught my attention in the documentary series happened in the second episode, when Victoria told the camera crew that she broke the big news to David that she was pregnant the day of England’s massive World Cup quarter-final game against bitter rivals Argentina.

Posh Spice had zero regrets about the timing. “There was never any doubt in my mind that I should tell him,” Victoria said.

While watching the episode, I was simply incredulous–”How could she do that? That’s a terrible time to tell someone you love big news!” But since then, I’ve had a change of heart: can you really blame her? I certainly won’t throw stones. Because to be honest, when really is the right time for breaking news?

Since starting my job at Bryan County News, I’ve had to break the news of my impending promotion as the upcoming editor to so many people in this county, including those who have contributed to the paper for so long. Shock and surprise usually dominates their faces when they realize that BCN’s new editor-in-chief has never owned a cellphone without a touchscreen. But pretty much everyone I have met so far has been really happy for me, with many commenting on how great it is that someone like myself is taking over the paper. Someone with lots of “energy” and “bright ideas” and such and such. I guess ripping off the band-aid of greeting people and getting a fresh start can go a long way.

Change is difficult, and it’s always hard to gauge individual reactions, unless everybody is just being all loud and rude about it–like when Becks wore a sarong on the streets of France while out with Victoria and suddenly everyone in England became judge and jury of menswear. But who’s got the last laugh? Unisex fashion is all the rage nowadays--as evidenced by my daily emails from H& M.

But leave it to an unlikely source–a sports docu-series!to remind me of an important lesson: If we wait for the right moment, we’ll spend our whole lives waiting forever.

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