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Editor's Corner: Springtime scramble
Andrea Gutierrez new

It never really occurred to me until I started writing this week’s column that March had so many holidays and happenings. 

The third month of the year started off on a high note with International Women’s Day, where I made sure to send my mother and grandmother the same corny Whatsapp stickers to commemorate, all the while wishing that the three of us could be together again someday, hugging each other near the airport taxi, smiling wide and laughing loudly as we walk along the Caribbean coast, eating fried fish from a street stall because all three of us won’t cook anything more complicated than white rice and beef stew if we can help it. I smile at the stickers on my phone screen and suddenly my eyes swell up and I’m pretty sure it’s not allergies this time.

Next up, a friend of mine invited me to her place to watch the SEC Women’s Basketball Championship game, where South Carolina beat LSU with a scoreline of 79-72. Now, I’m not a sports person by any means, but I would trust Dawn Staley with my life. Winning eight championship titles in ten years is no easy feat, and the way she handled the scuffle shenanigans in all of the post-match interviews at the end was very professional. The Gamecocks are lucky to have her, in my (unathletic) opinion. 

Next up, we have the Oscars (which I will cover a bit at the end of this column) and Daylight Savings Time. DST is the bane of my existence in the Monday thru Friday morning grind, but then I remember that it also means more sunshine in the evenings, which means I can officially resume my favorite porch activities like reading books on a rocking chair and shaking my head at cars who don’t respect cul-de-sac speed limits and at mousy door-to-door salesmen trying to sell me solar panels for my parents’ home (Do I look like I have a salary that can afford solar panels?).

And last but not least–you’re probably reading this column either on Thursday, March 14, which is Pi Day, or Friday, March 15, which is the Ides of March, when Julius Caesar was assassinated. Two equally important holidays, obviously. (Unless you hate math or political intrigue). 

At my high school, we had a Latin teacher who would commemorate the Ides of March by doing a potluck with her students, with each of them bringing in a variety of pastas, casseroles, chocolate chip cookies, and Ceasar salads (Ha!). When I think of the Ides of March, I think of my stomach rumbling as I walked past the courtyard filled with tasty food I wasn’t allowed to eat being served by one or two girls wearing togas over their school uniform without getting nagged at by the principal (This was a clear sign I should’ve taken Latin instead of Spanish…!)

I haven’t even mentioned St. Patrick’s Day yet, or as I like to remember it–the Spring Break before Spring Break, because I recall getting the days off in high school anyway due to downtown parking issues. (St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland and Catholic schoolgirls in Savannah–what a guy!) 

Your Editor’s Obligatory 2024 Oscars Recap™ 

  • “Oppenheimer” won Best Picture, which made perfect sense to everyone except my father, who fell asleep at the half-hour mark of that film while watching it with me at home on Peacock last week. Oh well–at least we both enjoyed fresh snacks from the pantry and didn’t have to endure long, convoluted AMC previews. 

  • Emma Stone won Best Actress for her portrayal of Bella Baxter in “Poor Things”, which was amazing until my mom asked me what the film was about. (How do I explain it to her without freaking her out?)

  • I feel for Lily Gladstone though–she was a worthy winner as well, and I hope she wins an Academy Award sooner rather than later. 

  • Billie Eilish’s performance of “What Was I Made For?” was legendary, and everytime I saw America Ferrera on-screen my heart warmed. Ever since ‘Ugly Betty’, she’s been one of my favorite actresses; she’s so relatable and down-to-earth. If I could meet any actress in real life, it’d probably be her!

  • As far as late-night talk show sketches go, absolutely nothing beats “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets”! (Anyone who says “Password” or “Box of Lies' ' with the other host named Jimmy is either deeply uncool, or friends with my brother. The Venn diagram there is a circle).

Andrea Gutierrez is the editor of the Bryan County News. 

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