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Dynamite comes in small package
Letter to the editor
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Editor: Dynamite comes in small packages.

The Richmond Hill History Museum, housed in the kindergarten building that Henry Ford built in 1940, is dynamite in a small package.

In 2015, with the blessing of the Richmond Hill City Council and under the guidance of the museum Board of Directors, led by Christy Sherman as president, the Richmond Hill Historical Society undertook a program to remodel the Richmond Hill Historical Museum.

The building today, although still a work in progress, is chock full of displays, including a narrated video to start the tour. A guided tour through seven rooms of displays is part of the package. As of yet we have not been able to develop a program more suited, with a few exceptions, to children. I would suggest age 12 and up for the tour.

We have a story unique in the world. Along with all of the history of the Georgia coast, Richmond Hill can add the amazing story of Henry and Clara Ford’s 25 years of influence here.

Our efforts to remodel the museum took a lot of elbow grease and a visit to Dearborn, Michigan to pour through the massive collection of materials located at the Benson Ford archives there. Benson Ford is one of Henry Ford’s grandsons.

A huge part of the credit in making the museum not only a source of historical review but an entertaining place to bring friends and relatives, can be given to Peach Hubbard, also known as "The Dolphin Lady. Her artistic and architectural talents have literally brought the whole project to fruition.

We are delighted with the reaction we are getting from people who visit us and write about it in forums such as on line "Trip Advisor." Here are some excerpts: "Wonderful museum." "What a gem!" "Very informative. We were amazed!"

"Great find for locals and travelers alike."

There was the one lady however who said she would rather go see the bench that Forest Gump sat on. Can’t win them all, I guess.

The kindergarten building which houses the museum appears misleadingly small, but it contains seven rooms of display and the comments of our visitors tell the real story, "Gosh! I would have never guessed!" or "Boy we are sure glad we decided to stop here!"

The appreciation of our little building and its’ contents grows in leaps in bounds for those who take the time to "Take the tour!"

In the coming year Paige Glazer, publisher of Richmond Hill Magazine, will assume the duties of president of the museum Board of Directors.

We still need much more of the communities support. Becoming a member of the Historical Society is as easy as a phone call to "Hub’ at 912 657-3929.

We also need volunteers for various projects and there are a couple of slots open on the board for the coming year not filled yet.

Visit our website at Contact us at either or

Roy Hubbard

Museum manager  

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