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Distorting the word of God
pastor corner

Throughout my many years of pastoral ministry I have come across some interesting yet disturbing conversations with people.

Some of the things that people have been taught by those who claim to be representatives of God have just been wrong. There are some things that do not deal with the essentials that have not had horrible results but rather have just limited the Christian’s freedoms. On the other hand, there have been some who have been told things that have destroyed their faith. Let me give you an example. At one place where I served as pastor there was a family who moved in across the street from where I lived. I invited them to church, and a couple with 4 children showed up the next Sunday. I set up an appointment to visit with them the next week and it was during this visit that I asked them concerning their faith. After sharing with me that neither parent were followers of Jesus the father prayed to receive Jesus as his savior, but the mom was hesitant.

This is where the disturbing conversation came about.

She told me that she could never be accepted or forgiven by God because of an instance that happened when she was a teenager. She said that she was raised in church and was there every time the church had an activity. The church was having what is known as “a revival” where the congregation met for 7 days to sing and hear messages from the Word of God. On Friday evening of that week, she didn’t go but instead went to her high school football homecoming. When she returned on Saturday evening the preacher asked her where she was and when she told him he said the words that altered her life. He told her that she could never be saved and that because of her actions (that of missing one service) there would never be any hope for her because she turned her back on God. She said that the only reason she was coming to our church was so that her children would become followers of Jesus. I immediately responded with, “what that preacher told you is a bunch of hogwash; it just isn’t true.” The great news to this story is that she was convinced that God still loved her and she found her faith again.

I fear that for many that they sense that God doesn’t love them and that there is no hope for them.

Anyone who wants to come to God and have a relationship with Him can come because of what Jesus did for them on the cross. And as we walk in faith our God will never leave us nor forsake us.

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