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Dispose of medicines safely
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If you are like most people, you have accumulated a collection of prescription drugs and other pharmaceuticals that are no longer needed. Once it was common practice to flush these medications down the toilet or just throw them in the trash. This is no longer true. Studies have shown that septic systems, water treatment facilities, and trash disposal methods do not destroy the components of the prescription drug. This can lead to contamination of soil, surface water, and ground water. Keeping the environment clean is much easier than cleaning it up after it is polluted.
Another danger to keeping these unused, unneeded or expired prescription drugs is that they can be scavenged and illegally sold. Abuse of prescription drugs has increased among teenagers and young adults due to the ease of obtaining drugs. Sixty per cent of the persons who abuse painkillers indicated that they received them from friends or relatives.
Keeping children and animals safe is another reason to dispose of prescription medications safely. Both have also scavenged from the trash or from inside the home and accidently harmed them by consuming the drugs. Everyone can accidently take medications that are outdated or no longer needed.
So keep your home and environment safe by disposing of your prescription medications at the following locations:

Bedingfield Pharmacy in Pembroke
Kroger’s Pharmacy in Richmond Hill
Richmond Hill Pharmacy
Walgreen’s Pharmacy in Richmond
Bryan County Drug Free Coalition has partnered with these pharmacies to provide you with a safe and free way to dispose of your prescription medications. You can begin bringing them in any time during the pharmacies regular business hours. So clean out those medicine cabinets and make you, your family, pets, and the world a safer place. If you have any questions, please contact Bryan County Drug Free Coalition at 912-653-5258 or 912-661-2095 or Visit our website at for continuous news on drug prevention.

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