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Devoting ourselves to God’s word
pastor corner

In the book of Acts, chapter 2, verse 42, we are told that the early Christians “devoted themselves to the Apostle’s teaching.” 

These disciples didn’t have the writings of the New Testament like we have today, but they were able to hear some of the writers in person. 

The key truth here is they understood that what they were hearing was gospel truth and they took the time and effort to make sure they heard it. 

They wanted to know the things they should be doing and the things they should stop doing. They wanted to know how to live a life that was pleasing to their heavenly Father. 

Today we are fortunate to have access to the written word of God. We have the truth source that can answer every question we would have as it pertains to a relationship with God. 

It tells us it is only through Jesus that we can receive forgiveness and eternal life. It tells us everything we need to do after we are saved in order to live a holy life. 

If you or I are going to grow in our faith spiritually and become more like Jesus, then we must put God’s word – the Bible – as a priority in our lives. We need to take time each and every day to spend time reading and studying the Scriptures. We need to take the time to be in a Bible-believing church to hear it being taught. 

We need to make sure our kids are making it a priority and take them to church so they can have God’s word taught to them and guide them.

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