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Democrats and defeatism
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General Petraeus, the leader in our war in Iraq, recently gave his report to Congress on the progress being made over there, coincidentally the same week as we remember the 6th anniversary of 9-11. Before the man even had a chance to speak, Democrats had branded him a liar and a puppet, despite the fact that General Petraeus is a man of honor and an independent military officer, not a politician. The fascinating thing about all this is that the Democrat leadership (Pelosi, Reid, et al.) demanded this report. Yet when it was time to listen to it, they weren’t interested. They realized that the general’s report was not going to fit into their playbook of defeatism.

Democrat leaders don’t want to hear about success in the war against terrorism. They are only interested in failure, especially with a Republican administration in control. The trouble they have is that the "ideals" they espouse have nothing in common with regular Americans. Americans are proud of their country. They are even more proud of their military. While many people do not like the fact that we have to be at war, they will support the endeavor while we are in the midst of it. Americans don’t like failure. We are the greatest nation on earth. It won’t go over too well if a bunch of gray-bearded, insane, Islamo-fascist fashion disasters win against the most powerful military in the world.

Do Americans want the troops home? Of course, but not before the job is done. The last thing Americans want to see is for our government to "cut-and-run." That’s called "Losing." For Democrats to be banging their forks on the table like a bunch of two-year-olds and screaming for "the troops to come home" is sheer idiocy. This policy has nothing to do with what’s best for the situation at hand.

My question for Democrats is, "what’s the big hurry?" The simple fact is that they plan to win the White House in 2008, and they don’t want their guy (or girl) to have to make the tough decisions about keeping this country safe. The trouble is, if you’re going to lead, you have to take the good with the bad. Being in control of the United States is not about being able to do whatever you want, when you want and spending all the money you want, which is what the Democrats seem to think. It’s about making the sacrifices necessary to do what is best for the country and its people.

Democrats don’t seem to understand the need for sacrifice. For them it’s all about power. This insane idea about bringing the troops home before the job is done is nothing more than political expediency for them. I find it amusing in some ways that we’ve only been fighting this war for five years or so. Think how long it took to rebuild Germany and Japan after WWII. We still have troops in Serbia - and that was a war fought by Clinton over 10 years ago. Why no cries to be out of there? We still have a large presence in Korea - that’s been what, 40 years? Give democracy a chance to work in Iraq. It’s America’s only chance to turn the tide of Islamic fascism sweeping the world.

Freedom is not free. It takes blood, sweat, tears and unwavering determination to maintain it. America is the only country willing to make this sacrifice. Its people are willing to do whatever is necessary, because they know their current way of life depends on it. Democrats are barking up the wrong tree with their defeatism. They whine when people call them "unpatriotic." Get over it. I’ll say it right here - Democrat leaders are not patriots. If they were, they would put the interests of the country before their own lust for power, and unite with the president in his quest for freedom.

The surge is working, and I’m glad of it. It’s about time they started running this war with the idea of winning. Democrats seem to espouse the idea that losing is the best way. Thank goodness the type of Democrats we have now were not in charge during World War II. At one time in our country’s history, no matter what domestic arguments our two parties had, they could at least unite on the concept of defending our nation. There was no vilification of the president for being engaged in that war. If the current crop of Democrats were in charge then, we’d have pulled out after the Battle of the Bulge and Guadalcanal, and the world would be speaking German, goose-stepping, and we’d all be fashion disasters wearing kimonos.

The war in Iraq is not about oil, or Halliburton or any other spurious reason the Democrats want to concoct. These battles we are waging are about one thing-freedom. Freedom for the Iraqi people. Freedom for our way of life. Freedom from the imposition of radical Islam upon free peoples. The terrorists have sworn that if they were they able to take control of the U.S., they would behead Madonna and Britney Spears. They may actually have a point there, as it would save us from hearing any more about their idiotic lives.

However, the point is that radical Islam, along with Communism, is the worst killer of individual freedom and human rights in the world. We must fight against Islamo-tyranny with everything we have, lest it gain a foothold and take over the world. It already holds sway in far too many countries. If we do nothing now, we’ll have only ourselves to blame. The Democrats need to sit down, shut up and stop giving aid and comfort to the enemy with their babblings. The hearing with General Petraeus was a disgrace - because of Democrat behavior. They should be ashamed of themselves; but I know they won’t be. No smarts, no class, no integrity. That’s the Democrat leadership today.



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