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Dee McLelland: The places we find ourselves in
Dee McLelland new

Events in 2021 are being cancelled.

That’s 2021 folks. That’s next year. That’s ridiculous!

Before I go further, I’ll hold up my hand to stop you from replying much like my wife does when I start spouting off about something she knows I know nothing about. I hold up my hand because you don’t know, I don’t know and really no one knows what things are going to be like next week, much less next year.

But this, this is starting to become an avalanche of jumping on a very rickety bandwagon to make everyone feel better about themselves and, heaven forbid, that great American tradition of avoiding a lawsuit, or, an even more American tradition of filing frivolous lawsuits.

As of this writing, we’re planning on holding our Best of Liberty annual event in August. I would say the chances of holding the event, as planned, is probably a 50-50 proposition. The Great Ogeechee Seafood Festival has been cancelled in Bryan County in November and I’m sure the list will continue to grow.

Currently, Major League Baseball, NBA, NFL, college football and the NBA are trying to get their seasons either completed or started. They are moving along the same roads we are, with the exception of course of millions of dollars to help them succeed. I think we need sports in our lives and we will look to their success or failures as a preview to what’s to be expected in the coming months.

What’s amazing is the multitude of different plans we seem to have each day, from mask mandates at the municipal level to Gov. Brian Kemp’s barring of such mandates, and the various amendments to local orders, etc.

So now I harken back to March when I said the pandemic would be a big enough problem, but when politicians started weighing in we should hang on.

I don’t think any of our local politicians have made moves which are bad, but it seems we could have all been on the same playbook from the start. Ever had water get in your gas tank? You know how the engine starts and sputters? Sure seems like we have been doing that for the last few months?

I don’t think anyone expects our elected officials to have all the answers, but it does seem like we should at least be on the same side and not divided between parties. Much like all our major sports leagues are trying to stage safe starts or resumption of their games, make no mistake that their interests are driven by revenue. At least that I can get behind and understand that stance.

What I can’t understand is why, even though I saw it coming, we find ourselves in a political battle which is more about a future election rather that keeping everyonesafe!.

If you see me, say “hey!”

Dee McLelland is the Publisher of the Coastal Courier and the Bryan County News.

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