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Dee McLelland: The hits just keep on coming
Dee McLelland new

And the hits just keep coming. Now, as we have the expected variation of Covid-19, we find ourselves embattled in another round of “who’s fault is it now?”

As we see the numbers of those being vaccinated against the ones who have chosen, for whatever reason, not to be vaccinated, we realize pretty quickly that a lot of people have absolutely no brains whatsoever.

As a result, those of us, who took heed of the science, took heed of the benefits of getting the vaccination and once again, paying the price for those that have ignored all of the above.

I don’t believe we have had anything which has been so politicized in my lifetime if you throw out the Viet Nam war.

If anyone thinks for a moment that the recent surge in Covid-19 cases isn’t directly tied to the non-vaccinated in the population then your probably someone who hasn’t been vaccinated.

Truth be told, the perpetuation of Covid-19 is basically what some politicos want to have happen. Know what? I’m about done with it. If you get the vaccination, you may still catch Covid-19, but your chances of extreme illness aren’t likely and an even greater chance you won’t have to be hospitalized. So, by the media and politicians throwing out numbers to scare us, sorry folks, you let the cat out of the bag months ago and the ones who took the health officials advice shouldn’t be penalized by the ones who didn’t.

Unfortunately, our country’s morals have been skewed to cater to the few screaming the loudest rather than listen to the majority who have followed rules and done things that any rational, responsible person would.

Do I sound bitter? Yep. We have bungled many things over the last year but, getting the vaccinations was not one of them.

As far as that goes, companies, local governments and school boards are now starting to move back to mask mandates because Covid-19 numbers have spiked. More and more people have started getting back to life as normal and the non-vaccinated have put a dent in what has been over a year of sacrificing for individuals and businesses.

We weathered some computer hacking stories and even mass shootings and stock market stories. One after another we can never seem to go a full week without ‘something’ coming down the pike to try and keep Americans on edge.

The Democrats have continued time and again to push money out of Washington like they were turning on the water, but rest assured, it will be something else in a week, even if it’s not Covid.

We have moved in such a direction which was different from the conservative approach that it’s hard for us, as citizens, to grasp exactly what is real or not. I contend that’s the way Washington wants it and I’m not pointing the finger at just the Democrats, but the Republicans too.

I have to think other governments, across the world, are watching what our next moves are over the coming months and years. Our nature, as Americans, who came from a multitude of ethnic and cultural backgrounds will, at some point, say that’s enough.

If you wear a mask, that’s your prerogative. I have no opinion one way or the other. But I have followed rules which were set for our best health and refuse to cater to the ones who have refused to get a vaccination and try to continue promoting and carrying on the very thing which has helped fuel Washington to continue to run recklessly with our tax money and any other money they decide to print.

If you see me, say “Hey!”

Dee McLelland is Publisher of the Coastal Courier and the Bryan County News.

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