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Cut farm subsidies to save
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The U.S. Senate is getting it right. In an effort to lower the nation’s costs and debt, it is eliminating farm subsidies for those with adjusted gross annual incomes that exceed $1 million.
No one in Washington can say exactly how many people might fall into this category, but there are those who say the total will be surprising. Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., said just five years ago some 2,705 individuals making more than $2.5 million were getting a handout from the taxpayers.
This subsidy cut will not balance the budget, but adjustments such as these will save the government billions of dollars without having to chop up programs that feed, house and care for the elderly, as some in Congress continue to suggest.
It also underscores just how much waste there’s been in Washington over the years.
It raises this question: Why should anyone who was earning more than $1 million, let alone $2.5 million, qualify for any freebie from the government? They certainly do not need it.
This further demonstrates how careless Congress and its bureaucracy have been with the nation’s checkbook. Someone should have caught onto this a long time ago and demanded change. The nation shouldn’t have to experience a major financial crisis before someone with authority starts reviewing what’s in the budget.
When it comes right down to it, should anyone who takes home $100,000 or $250,000 be receiving any kind of federal subsidy? How many Americans out there would like a little extra in their bank account, courtesy John Q. Public? Shouldn’t the boundary line be the same as it is for everyone else, that subsidies be strictly reserved for only those whose earnings fall below the federal poverty line?
Rest assured more such nonsense will be dredged from the federal budget the deeper the Senate delves into U.S. spending.

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